Cancer immunotherapy research at Humanitas University

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An exciting breakthrough in cancer research.

With her team, Pr. Maria Rescigno is trying to educate the immune system to recognize tumor cells, and to kill them. Ultimately, this will help cancer patients fight cancer, in particular melanomas and lymphomas.

This is not preventive but should be administered to patients already having a tumor either just after its removal to avoid recurrence of the disease, or in patients with metastases where surgical removal is not feasible.

With the first round of funding, we were able to help her team, by funding Valentina Ferrari’s research, under Pr. Maria Rescigno supervision.

The first hypothesis they formulated was: maybe there is something that these microbes are releasing that is making the tumor cells more visible and are allowing their flags to be exposed to the surface again. They have identified a bacteria in particular that allows the tumor cells to be recognizable again, and killed by the immune system.

Now that they have identified this, they need to take this to the patients. The next steps in order to do this, are a lot of tests. We need funding to start those tests!

Humanitas research and Hospital ranks among Top 5% in Italy and top 10% worldwide, by Scimago ranking. This project, as all our projects, has been approved by our Scientific Committee.

If you want to read the very last update on this project and why we need you to step in, please read this article:

  • €180250 Raised
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