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Bill Ghitis


“One of the key strengths of a successful organization is its network. We have built the foundations of the Alan Ghitis Association thanks to dedicated donors and an inspired scientific advisory committee – and now we are ready to take this to the next level with our Ambassador’s program. We think that personal connections people build within communities are the most powerful ones and this is the way to make a difference.”

We are welcoming 2 types of ambassadors :

Influencers and Networkers ! 

Type of ambassadorInfluencerNetworker
How they connect?You want to use your reach and media (Social networks, TV…)You want to use your direct connections (friends, family, colleagues)
What they doYou can do short prevention campaigns to raise awarenessYou can organise events to raise funds
Example of an actionYou have a very active Instagram account and you wish to share special content regarding melanoma skin cancer.You are organizing a running team building event for your company and you chose to give back a certain amount of money to the Alan Ghitis Association for each kilometer or mile your teammates have ran.
You are getting interviewed on TV and wish to show support to our cause by talking about our projects, or wearing our T-shirt.You are organizing a private dinner with your network and are asking them for a financial participation, that you will then transfer to our association. This can also be a concert, an auction… anything you want.
How we help youWe will help you make sure you are sharing correct data, facts backed up by science, and professional advice.We will share communication assets to make it easier for you to communicate about us to your network.
How we thank youYou will be featured on our website as an Ambassador for the Alan Ghitis Association against melanoma skin cancerYou will be featured on our website as an Ambassador for the Alan Ghitis Association against melanoma skin cancer
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