A Letter from Sarah Ghitis

My name is Sarah Ghitis. In memory of my beloved husband, I would like to share a few words about him with all of you. Alan was one of the most inspiring, loving, caring, wholehearted and profound people I have ever met. He stood out from the crowd. He was successful in every aspect of life. He enjoyed it to the fullest: he had an outstanding career, he loved his friends and family more than anyone I know, he was funny, witty and confident, he was loyal and fair, he loved to travel and widen his horizon, no challenge was too scary, new adventures and change was absolutely necessary, he was adored by so many and most definitely far from ordinary. he was unique!!!

I feel so lucky that I had the privilege to spend part of my life with him and eventually become his wife. He was the best husband I could have ever wished for and although it was way too short we managed to build memories that could fill a lifetime! I am so grateful for every second and for the people he brought into my life who I can call my family now. I want to thank all of you for being there and I want to encourage you all to keep his memory alive and in your heart!

I want us to think about him and smile and I want him to make a difference in people’s lives even now that he is not with us anymore. Therefore we created this association in his name so that his spirit will continue to spread hope, fight this terrible illness and support people less privileged than him.

Together we can make a difference!

I am thanking each one of you in advance to be part of this mission and to keep the memory and willpower of my beloved husband alive. Because I know that’s what he wanted!

With all my love,

Sarah Ghitis