Are you as healthy as you think you are?

Short answer: take our test to find out!

One of our mission as an association against melanoma skin cancer is “Prevent”. This is a broad topic, but for our online presence, it mostly means raising awareness in people’s daily lives.

Awareness and prevention are key concepts to living a healthy lifestyle that lowers risks of any type of cancer, including melanoma.

Our quiz raises awareness on some important topics in a very playful way. We hope you enjoy it!

The 4 possible outcomes are:

  • You are Blissfully Unaware 🙉! Ouch, you need to up your game!
  • You are a Mindful Beginner 🙏 ! That’s an excellent start.
  • You are a Healthy Lifestyle Aficionado 😍! That’s impressive, you have reached a good balance
  • You are The Ultimate Health Guru! 🤓! Wow, you are an inspiration.

Which one are you? Tell us in the comments and share the quiz!